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Thanks to my friends, What is That is now available also in Spanish and French.


In Spanish, there are two versions available, one called ¿Qué es Eso? and read by a female narrator and no interactivity and one read by a male narrator, with the same layout as the English version and called ¿Qué es eso?.


You can download the two versions from here:

The French version is read by a female narrator and has the same interactivity as the English version.

The option to experience narratives in multiple languages is an excellent affordance of digital stories.


You can use these different language versions to practice a new language or you can enjoy the ibook in your mother tongue. 

Huge thanks to Gustavo Vidal and M.Carmen Fernandez-Panadero for the Spanish voice-overs and to Anne-Valerie Brossier for the French narration.

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