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About us

Natalia Kucirkova

I’m researching innovative ways of supporting shared book reading and the role of personalisation in early years.  My doctoral research inspired the development of the Our Story tablet/smartphone app.  I’m currently interested in fostering children’s trans-media experiences and identity growth.

You can follow my academic work at

Samuel Juris

I studied at the Academy of Arts and crafts in Bratislava, Slovakia and work as a wedding/portrait photographer and designer/illustrator.


Sarah Jane Mukherjee

I am currently a PhD student at the Open University, researching children's talk in role-play.  I was delighted to be able to support Natalia's app as I believe that reading with children is just so important and agree with her rationale for this app.  I like to spend time with my family on bike rides, at our allotment, cooking together and reading with my daughter at anytime of the day, not just bedtime!


I would like to thank Paul Hogan for his help with the developmental process; Gulzar Kanji for
her insights; to Matt Rawlinson for helping us with the sound recordings, to my brother for final
editing and to all children, families and teachers with whom I have worked and who inspired me
to undertake this work. With my own family and friends lending their support, this book carries a
message of love and respect for each other.



The hand icon used for last page of the book was drawn by Aslan Tamjidi and is taken from

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